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1. Visit Website 2. Click Login, enter your email id & password 3. Press submit 4. Complete your details (Last name, Address, zip code etc.) 5. Upload your profile & Click submit button 6. Profile updated

1. Visit Website 2. Click on register button at home page. 3. Enter your details. 4. Read every terms and Conditions. 5. Registered successfully (confirm your email verification). 6. Check your email & click verify your account. 7. Email Added successfully. 8. Registered.

1. After login you can see dash board on the left. 2. Click dash board to view your details and insights.

1. Click dash board. 2. Scroll down and click change password. 3. Enter your current password and Enter new password.

1. Check your personal information carefully 2. Click on KYC at menu 3. Upload documents for verification for example (Driving license, Aadhar, pan & selfie) 4. Take a selfie with your Aadhar and update it 5. Click submit button 6. Wait for review of the documents 7. You will be notified via email if your documents are verified.

1. Click Wallet button 2. Select the currency you need to deposit 3. Click deposit button 4. Copy your receiver address 5. Click Get coins 6. Paste your address on the tab & enter the Amount you need to deposit. 7. Click Submit button 8. Your amount will be added shortly at your wallet once completed

1. Click wallet 2. Select the currency that to be withdrawn 3. Enter your withdraw amount 4. Enter wallet address to withdraw 5. Click submit button 6. Check your email to confirm the transaction

1. Click staking bar on menu 2. Select staking plan for investing 3. Click invest 4. enter the amount 5. Choose your interest type and click stake 6. Your staking is successful

1. Click My staking 2. You can view your staking history and check the amount of bonus received

1. Click transfer 2. Select send & receive currency 3. Enter the amount and click submit 4. Amount will be transferred successfully and you can view details @ transaction history

1. Click Referral at menu bar 2. There will be a referral link for you 3. Copy and share the link with your friends to get the referral commission 4. View your referral history and commission fee there.

1. Click Support 2. Mention your doubts and problems with us we will be sorting out your problems that you are facing.

1. Used to protect your account with multiple layer security, Bitcoiva offer 2-factor authentication for the users. install the google authenticator app to perform app based 2- factor authentication * Visit and login to your account. 2. Go to dashboard on the left-side of the page and click on two factor authentications. enable the two-factor authentication. Open your Authenticator app & follow the steps to add and scan the Bitcoiva Barcode. * Input the OTP you see in your Authenticator app. Open the email & click on Approve 2FA request in the confirmation email you receive.

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